New virtual exercise classes to support the health and wellness of residents at local assisted living facilities

October 19, 2020
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Inspired to find new ways to care for our community, Mount Nittany Health Fit for Play is now offering virtual exercise classes to local assisted living facilities in the area to support the health and wellness of our community.

Zoe Carr, personal trainer, Mount Nittany Heath Fit for Play, is leading this initiative, working alongside directors of the local assisted living facilities to coordinate resources and prepare for the virtual exercise classes. For the assisted living facilities that are interested in participating, Mount Nittany Health Fit for Play will be providing a free 30-minute virtual exercise class every week to each of these facilities.

“Currently we have sessions scheduled with Juniper Village Brookline Senior Living and Centre Crest,” shares Carr. “I’ve also reached out to other facilities in the area including the Village at Penn State and Foxdale Village. The goal is to provide ongoing sessions to these facilities in order to support the health and wellness of the residents.”

The virtual exercise classes are held via Zoom with Carr leading each class. Residents are able to participate via the Zoom link from the comfort of their own room or in one of the meeting rooms at the facility with other residents, while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. Participants are able to see and hear Carr via video as she walks through each exercise with the group.

The virtual classes consist of a variety of exercises, including upper body, lower body and core exercises, to get the heart rate up, as well as to improve circulation, range of motion, strength and cardiovascular health.

“I like to mix it up with circuit style training, which involves going through several exercises that target different muscle areas with minimal rest in between. As classes progress, we can also incorporate equipment, such as dumbbells and resistance bands,” shares Carr. “In addition, the virtual classes are interactive, meaning residents can ask questions at any time during the session and I also leave some time at the end for anyone to ask questions as well.”

Virtual exercise classes first kicked off on September 28 with Juniper Village Brookline Senior Living.

“At Juniper Village, within 30 minutes, we completed two sets of ten exercises using chairs. Chair exercises are a great way to get people moving, especially for those really needing assistance,” shares Carr.

Staying active and healthy while being stuck indoors can be difficult. The virtual exercise sessions are an excellent way for the residents to get moving and to learn new exercises that they can practice on their own as well.

“I was happy to hear from the director at Juniper Village that the residents are really getting into the new virtual exercise classes,” shares Carr. “I enjoy connecting with the residents each week and knowing that I can help them stay active and feel good.”

The virtual exercise classes not only help residents physically, but mentally as well.

“Residents can feel good knowing they are working towards bettering themselves,” shares Carr. “The exercises can help improve their self-confidence by showing them how much they can do, even if they feel they are limited in their abilities. The classes also provide residents an opportunity to socialize, allowing them to connect with a friendly, familiar face each week as well as bond with others in the room by participating in the group activity. The classes can help brighten their day by having someone to interact with, especially for those who may be isolated in their rooms.”

“I am excited about this new opportunity to help our community and I look forward to expanding Mount Nittany Health’s outreach to other assisted living facilities in the area through these virtual exercise sessions,” shares Carr.

The virtual exercise classes are one of the many ways Mount Nittany Health continues to adapt to these changing times to support our patients and community.

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