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What can you expect from your team when coming to our office?
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Call 814.689.3156 to schedule an appointment with our specialist.

Current patients may also request an appointment online at MyMountNittanyHealth.com.


We partner with people to explore and adopt ways to become healthier while also losing weight through support, encouragement and shared evidence-based information.


You will receive education and guidance on:

  • Behavior modification (i.e., healthier habits, emotional health and physical activity)
  • Physical challenges caused by weight
  • Weight reduction and maintenance
  • Weight-related health problems
  • Managing medications that impact weight
  • Evaluation, monitoring and management of weight loss medications (when appropriate)

Frequency and intervals between follow-up visits are determined on a patient-to-patient basis. More frequent visits are encouraged until initial weight loss goals and health improvements are achieved.

Our goals

  • Provide you with support, guidance and tools to help you achieve weight loss in a safe, evidence-based manner
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight and body composition
  • Prevent regaining lost weight in order to promote long-term benefits

All health insurances are accepted. Please check with your health insurance carrier on out-of-pocket costs.

What can you expect from your team when coming to our office?

A relaxed, supportive environment

We won’t rush you. This is your journey toward a healthier life; we’re here to help you get there at a pace that works for you.

Personal attention and individualized care

Our one-on-one appointments provide plenty of time to answer all your questions. Each patient care plan is specifically tailored with his or her needs in mind.

Science-based advice

We understand the science behind weight loss, and that’s what we’ll teach you. We won’t use gimmicks, and we won’t sell you products. We’re here to help you learn how to maintain a healthy weight while eating real, whole foods for the rest of your life.


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